About Selling Your Items 

We not only sell craftworks and metal crafts from the Meiji Period, but also purchase antiquities.

We often receive inquiries from people who wish to sell antiquities inherited from the deceased, those who wish to sell their collection to purchase a new piece of art, and elderlies who wish to sell their collected items.
We value the trust of our customers, assess the value of items our customers bring in, and purchase them at fair prices that meet the trend of the time.

Appraisal at home and at our gallery are both free of charge (No extra charges for visiting you at home).
Transactions are done safely as confidentiality is strictly enforced and purchases are made in cash. Please inquire by phone or from our buying website.
When visiting our gallery, please contact us in advance as we may not be available, visiting exhibitions, purchasing antiquities elsewhere, or for other reasons.

1-1-5 1F Nishitachibanadori, Kobe Hyogo-ku, Hyogo 652-0034 Japan

TEL/FAX 078-381-7328 (携帯)090-7759-8722

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【Antique permit / Hyogo Prefecture Public Safety Commission / No. 631141600011】

Specified international species business operator

Registration number: 01670

Name or name: Hideki Ura

住所:1-1-5 1F Nishitachibanadori, Kobe Hyogo-ku, Hyogo 652-0034 Japan

Types of special specific organs, etc.:Elephant fangs and their processed products

Registration expiration date:May 31, 2026


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